How To Save Money On A Long-Distance Move

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Moving from one state to another is a major task, and as you might imagine, it can be a costly undertaking. Yet, there are things you can do to make it more affordable. Whether you are moving across the state or the country, learn what you can do to reduce your costs.


A full-service move is just as it sounds, in that moving professionals take care of every aspect of the process, from packing your household goods to placing them in the appropriate room in your new home. Sure, compared to moving yourself, there is a greater upfront investment, but in the end, a full-service move is cheaper. 

When you move yourself, there is an increased chance of damaging an item, which you will have to replace or repair. The move is also likely to take longer, which could delay the move and increase lodging expenses and other costs. With a full-service move, you avoid these added costs and save money.


You can also save money by choosing the appropriate time for your move. For the most part, weekend moves will be more expensive than weekday moves. So, if your schedule is conducive, try to schedule for a weekday so that you can save money. 

The time of year also tends to play a role in the cost of the move. For example, summer months tend to be costlier than a move in the late fall or early winter. While it is not always possible to rearrange the month you decide to move in, if you are in the early planning phase of your move, try to plan your move for a lower-cost part of the year.


Residential moving companies consider several different factors when it comes to their pricing. However, one of the biggest factors that go into this process is the weight of the household goods. Without a question, the greater the weight of your household goods, the greater you can anticipate the cost of your move.

You can save yourself a great deal of money by downsizing and getting rid of any unwanted or unused items before you move. Not only can you lower the cost of your move, if you sell any of these items you may be able to earn some extra money to put towards the move. 

Make sure you work to apply these tips so that you can be successful at staying within your budget. 

For more information, reach out to a residential moving service in your area.