5 Reasons To Let Movers Handle Your Home Library

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Book lovers, like collectors of many other things, often fail to realize how extensive their collection has become over the years. And when it comes time to move your library of beloved books, your best move may be to let the movers handle the work. Why? Here are a few reasons to find room in your budget for professional help with your library. 

1. It's a Lot of Work

First of all, packing up a large book collection is a labor- and time-intensive job. Books are objects which require an oversize number of materials and boxes. Moving them will take up more than its fair share of time and energy — which takes away from other moving tasks. Consider if your time would be better spent on other things while you outsource this element. 

2. Books Are Heavy

The weight of books in moving boxes adds up quickly. Homeowners aren't experienced at moving, and they have the tendency to want to cut corners. But that's a quick route to injury and damage to your books. Professional movers know how to pack small, heavy objects safely. They bring the right tools and equipment to keep everyone safe. And their materials will be high quality to prevent box failure. 

3. Organization Is Key

How will you maintain the organization of your library as it's dismantled and reestablished elsewhere? You probably have a system in place for when the books are in your library, but you'll need some way to keep them somewhat organized in boxes. The boxes will also need to be organized and kept together to prevent losing any of your library. Get help from professionals with time-tested inventory methods. 

4. Books Need Protection

Improper packing and transport can seriously damage books. Certainly, old and fragile books need extra attention. You may need to use acid-free paper, place extra packing material in boxes, prevent shifting, and minimize pressure on the spines. Even new books should be packed flat and loaded in ways that distribute weight evenly. Work with professionals to ensure these things happen. 

5. They're Time Sensitive

In general, books are safe in a moving box for a short period of time. However, the longer they spend in storage, the more likely it is to damage them. They're susceptible to pests, moisture, box damage, and temperature changes. So, you may want to pack up the library last and unpack it among your first tasks in the new house. Movers can get these two jobs done quickly.

Where to Start

Learn how movers can help you give your books the most comfortable and successful ride to their new home. Meet with a company like Redondo Van & Storage for more info.