4 Hacks That Will Help With Your Local Move

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Are you going to be moving to a new home soon, but feel a bit unprepared? It will help to know these moving hacks that will help prevent you from stressing out.

Use What You Have The Month Before Moving

It's incredibly easy to fall into habits and do your normal shopping as you get ready to move. However, you should be thinking about using what you have at home to make the move easier for you. This means going through your pantry and eating the shelf-stable food you've been holding onto, emptying out your freezer, and only buying enough fresh food that you need to get by. 

If you get to the end of the last month and discover that there are things you haven't used, consider throwing them away or donating them. This will help you move with a lighter load, and then you can stock back up after moving into your new place. 

Plan To Sell What You Don't Need Anymore

There are plenty of online marketplaces where you can list items for sale that you don't want anymore. There is no point in taking these things with you if you are only going to get rid of them later. Plan on selling these items to make a bit of profit, and then donate the items that you cannot sell in the end.

Look Online For Free Or Cheap Boxes

Moving boxes are a bit expensive for something that you typically use once and no longer have a use for. You may be surprised to see people selling or giving away their moving boxes through online marketplaces. This can be a great way to get some lightly used boxes at a fraction of the price of buying them new. When you are finished with the boxes, you can sell those boxes again to get some of that money back.

With that in mind, focus on getting actual moving boxes and not just scrap boxes. Moving boxes are going to fit better in the back of the moving truck, and be much easier for your movers to stack and carry. They'll also have plenty of stability because they are designed to carry a certain amount of weight. 

Label Your Boxes With Moving Stickers

Writing on a moving box is simple to do, but not always clear to movers where things are going to go, especially if they can't read your writing. Consider purchasing moving stickers, which are color-coded stickers with room names on them. Slap these sticks onto the side of a box to make it easy to identify where the box goes based on this color or the clearly written name. Just make sure to label boxes with the destination of where they will go at your new home, not where they came from at your old home.

For more information, contact local movers near you.