Don't Make The Following 3 Mistakes When Moving

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Moving to a new home can be a lot of work, which is why you likely want to do all that you can to avoid making mistakes. Here are some common mistakes people make that can cause their moving day to be disrupted.

Not Booking Your Movers Far In Advance

If you have a lease that ends on the first of the month and you need to move out the same day, know that you should be booking your move far in advance. That is because the first and last days of the month are common days for lease expirations, which means many people are going to be booking the exact same day as you with professional movers in your area. You don't want to be in a situation where you are stuck without movers and have to do everything on your own. Consider booking your move at least a month in advance so that you'll be able to reserve the day and time that you want. If you have an odd moving day in the middle of the month, it's still worth booking in advance to ensure that your move is on the day that you want.

Not Having Everything Packed By Your Moving Day

A reason that residential moves tend to go a bit longer than estimated is that everything is not packed by the time the movers arrive. You may think that you can wrap up all your packing on the morning of your move, but you may be surprised at just how long it will take. Keep in mind that the time movers spend waiting for you to finish packing is only going to add to the hourly charges on your final bill, so it is always in your best interest to have everything packed prior to your moving day. You'll feel more at ease that you can just wait for your movers to arrive instead of feeling stressed. 

Not Buying Insurance

You will have the option to buy insurance to cover any accidental damage that happens during your move, which will fully reimburse you for items that are broken in transit. However, there is also basic insurance that covers damaged items. Know that the basic carrier liability insurance likely isn't going to be enough to actually cover anything that is expensive, since it might only pay out 60 cents per each pound the item weighs. This means a very expensive and lightweight laptop could only be covered for a few bucks if damaged. 

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