Tips For Choosing The Right Storage Boxes

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How you wrap and box your items before taking them to storage determines the condition in which you will find them when you come to get them out. Here are a few tips to help you choose appropriate storage boxes and containers for the safe keeping of your storage items at a place like Northgate Mini Storage:

The Duration of Storage

Some materials are more suitable for short term storage than for long term storage. Therefore, know how long your items will be in storage before wrapping them up or putting them in boxes. For example, light paper boxes may work for a couple of months or so, but this isn't something you can rely on if your goods will be in storage for a year or more.

The Climate of the Storage Place

Some materials are more easily damaged by weather elements than others. Something, like carton, will not fare well in a moist place, especially if its contents can be damaged by moisture. Don't forget that moisture can seep through a carton and reach its contents. Then there are also storage containers that can be damaged by heat. In short, match your storage container to the climate of the storage place.

The Weight and Fragility of the Items

Heavy items require sturdy storage boxes that they won't damage. Fragile items require thick and strong storage boxes that can absorb physical shock and prevent damage. That is why you can't just wrap your pottery and hope it is safe, you need a thick and sturdy box for it so that it doesn't crack even when you hit a bump on the way to the storage facility or something knocks into it during storage.

Size of the Items and Boxes

It's best to invest in storage boxes of different sizes. You can then place smaller items in smaller boxes before packing the small boxes into bigger boxes. The mix of box sizes also helps when it comes to maximizing the use of your storage place; the smaller boxes can fill the spaces between the bigger boxes. Don't forget that there are some items, mainly the fragile ones, which should be boxed separately for maximum safety.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you store your items without any form of damage. Don't forget that any item that has its original packaging should be stored in that packaging since the manufacturer specifically designed it for maximum protection. Look for a secure storage place where items will be safe; even the best storage boxes can be damaged if stored in the wrong place.