How To Enjoy An Efficient Move During A Heat Wave

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Are you planning to move and your area is experiencing a heat wave? Take the following precautions to make your move successful:

Give It Extra Time

The first thing you should note is that your move may take longer than usual because you may be slowed down by heat exhaustion. You may also need to take frequent breaks to cool down, refresh yourself and restore your energy. Therefore, don't leave your packing or moving preparations for the last minute; start early and budget for the extra time.

Schedule It in the Morning

You would do well to schedule your move in the morning if your area is experiencing a heat wave. The temperatures are usually higher between 10 A.M and 4 P.M, and packing working during that time can easily cause heat exhaustion. Therefore, talk to your moving company so that they can arrive at your place as early as possible. That might mean packing during the night so that the movers can just start loading as soon as they arrive.

Avoid Direct Sunlight on Your Boxes

You might not be able to do anything about the air temperature, but you can ensure that the temperature of your belongings doesn't rise beyond the safe levels. For example, you need to keep your items away from direct sunlight, especially for those items that discolor or wrinkle up when left in the sun (examples include vinyl or paper materials). Even boxed items shouldn't be placed in direct sunlight since the sunlight can heat up the boxes and raise their interior temperatures to dangerous levels. Therefore, pack your items and make sure they can be moved directly from the house to the truck.

Pack Sensitive Items in Air Conditioned Vehicles

Lastly, if the temperatures are particularly high, there are some sensitive items that can be damaged even if you keep them out of direct sunlight. Examples include shampoos, candles, paintings, and such like things. Such items should be moved directly from the house to an air conditioned vehicle. This means it's best to move them with your personal vehicle if your moving truck doesn't have air conditioning service.

Moving during a heat wave is difficult not only due to the danger of damaging your items but also due to the risk of injury heat exhaustion. Even if you weren't planning on using professional movers, it's advisable to contact one if the temperatures are particularly high. Their experience will come in handy when dealing with the heat.