Need More Space In The House? Use These Tips To Help You Decide Which Toys To Get Rid Of

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As a parent who has raised many children, there comes a time when you have to decide which toys to keep and which ones to throw away. You may come to such a junction when you need to downsize your house and wish to take some of your things to a self-storage facility. After all, storage is expensive, and you don't want to waste money on superfluous things. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing which toys to get rid of:

The Damage on the Toys

Badly damaged toys are the first things you need to get rid of. This is especially true of figurines that have been defaced or chewed beyond recognition. You also need to get rid of assembly toys with most for their parts missing or anything you can't repair. Many people keep such things for ages without ever using them; it's also difficult to seek badly damaged toys.

Your Children's Wishes

It's advisable to consider your kids' wishes when deciding which toys to get rid of. In fact, involve the kids (talk to them) to see which of their toys they still need to keep. This is especially true if the kids aren't exactly grown up. Many kids get attached to their toys, especially some kinds of toys such as stuffed animals, and wouldn't appreciate losing such toys.

The Value of the Toys

Some toys, such as collectibles, appreciate with age. It's better to hold onto such toys as long as possible; you never know how much they might fetch in the future. Some toys may even be too valuable to sell.

Whether You Plan For More Children

It makes sense to save as many toys as possible if you are still planning for more children. This is especially true for expensive toys; you shouldn't have to get rid of them only to buy new ones when you get another kid. However, if your children are all grown and you don't plan on getting more, then it makes sense to get rid of your toys, especially those that may not appreciate in value.

Don't be surprised if the evaluation above leaves you with more toys than you intended to keep. In fact, this is what you should expect if you have multiple kids and they have enjoyed a rich and toy-filled childhood. The good news is that toys are perfect candidates for self-storage units; you can keep them there until you find a use for them or decide to sell them.