Are You Looking To Attend Your First Public Storage Unit Auction? What You Need To Know To Get Started

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If a customer gets behind on their public storage payments, the company may auction off the unit to recoup money for their losses. This is typically done after notifying the customer several times and giving them the option of making payment arrangements or paying off the unit. If you are interested in buying one of these lockers, you may be looking to come to an auction. If you have never been before, you may not be sure what to expect. Here is what you need to know to get started. 

Arrive Early to Register

When you are going to your first public storage unit auction, you will want to arrive about 60 minutes ahead of time to register for the auction. During the registration process, the auction company will need a copy of your identification or drivers license, so be sure to bring this along with you. Registering helps the company keep track of who is attending the auction and who is bidding. During this time, they will also explain any specific rules to you, such as how their bidding process works. Thanks to the popularity of reality shows that feature storage auctions, more people than ever are attending auctions, so be sure to arrive early to ensure there is enough time to register. 

Bring Cash

After winning a public storage unit auction, you will need to pay for the unit you have won. However, most public storage unit auction companies do not take credit card or debit card. They take cash payments. This is because an outside auction company is used for the auction process. They get a cut of money and then the storage facility also takes a cut. It is easier to distribute using a cash method, and helps to keep expenses low as many credit card companies charge a processing fee. 

Bring a Lock

After winning the unit, the locker will be transferred into your name. Most companies will give you a few days time to clean the unit out, though the exact time frame may vary. If you fail to clean the locker out in time, you will begin to accrue storage fees in your name. Unless you plan on cleaning the unit out that same day, be sure to bring a lock with you to secure the locker when you are done. 

Be Prepared to Hand Over Personal Papers and Photos

Lastly, as you clean out the storage unit, be prepared to save and hand over personal papers and photos. Many companies now require you to bring personal paperwork, documents and photographs to the office. They then make every attempt to give these back to the owner, free of charge, as many of these items cannot be replaced. 

Being prepared can help you learn what to expect if you are attending your first public storage unit action. Visit a site like for more help